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Yuri's Night parties are being held all over the world to commemorate the anniversary of the flight of the first human to orbit the Earth (1961), and the launch of the first Space Shuttle mission STS-1 (1981) - both on April 12th. To administer the parties, the Executive committee uses a "Teleconference Bridge" in California, allowing us to hold administratie meetings via telephone.

A week before the conference, Party Organizers are invited to call the Teleconference Bridge to hear how Yuris Night parties are being set up in different parts of the world, as encouragement for their own activities.

It is possible to reach the teleconference for free. Here are the steps involved:

  1. download Skype, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application for voice and videophone service, computer to computer.
  2. Call the Telebridge. Be sure you are logged into your Skype account before clicking this link.
  3. As the call is being established, hit the drop down meu marked "CALL". Select"Dial Pad" from the menu.
  4. When asked for the Conference ID Number, enter the sequence: 127727#
You should then be connected to the Yuri's night conference.

You might keep in mind that if you have an Android phone or iPhone, you can download the Skype App to use from a Wi-Fi hotspot. DO NOT use the app on your cellular circuits unless you have an Unlimited Data account (you have now been warned!).

Feedback should be sent to Ozzie@YurisNight.Net


Conference Telebridge:
Conference Code: 127727#

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