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Yuri's Night parties are being held all over the world to commemorate the anniversary of the flight of the first human to orbit the Earth (1961), and the launch of the first Space Shuttle mission STS-1 (1981) - both on April 12th. Yuri's Night events are meant to be fun "Space Awareness" events. The public is invited to attend these events and learn, not just about Yuri Gagarin and the flight of Vostok-I, but to also learn about space exploration in the modern day.

Events are held by astronomy clubs, planetariums, model rocket clubs, museums, science fiction clubs, and even just private citizens who want to share their enthusiasm for space, the stars, and space travel. If you hold a party around April 12, why not make it a Space Themed event? Then feel free to register it as a Yuri's night event.

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