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Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12, 18:30 - 22:30 CET
Event: Space Exploration is Awesome, So Let's Celebrate it Together!
Lagerstrasse 104
CH-8004 Zürich, Switzerland ZH
Website: https://www.yurisnightswitzerland.ch/
What Three Words: callers.tracks.jogging
An Exciting Travel through the Wonders of our Universe-
On 12th April 1961 the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human in the outer space, and to celebrate his brave exploits, on 12th April all around the world space parties are organised every year. This year in Zürich, we bring you a travel around our universe in a variety of short talks by astrophysicists, space engineers, and even Switzerland's very own astronaut! You will discover how astronauts are trained, how far we can travel into space with our latest technology and what the new projects for space exploration are. Meet the speakers face to face and ask them your own questions.
Ready for take-off?

Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12
17:00 pm - 22:00 pm CEST Event: Yuri's Night in Bruntál, Czech Republic
Venue: Grand Pub,
Alšova 972/11, 792 01 Bruntá, Czechia

Website: https://coord.info/GC7JW3N
What Three Words: having.motel.richest
This event is organized in the framework of geocaching activity. Everyone is welcome. During the event, participants will learn everything about the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12
18:00 to 21:00 UTC
Event: Yuri's Night in Copenhagen! Venue: Kennedy's Pub
Gammel Kongevej 23, 1610 København What Three Words: zebra.dragons.fast
- Commemorate the first human sent to space.
- Talk about space, travel and the possibilities that are out there.
- Learn and teach. On our previous space-themes Meet up we did this, kind of out of the blue, and it was awesome!
- Location is TBD, we’re speaking to some people at the moment and see if we can make something extra spacial ;-) (typo intended)
- As it is on a Thursday, we could meet after working hours, what better excuse could there possibly be for a Thursday, right?
- Dinner and/or drinks together somewhere? Maybe? :-)
- There's still a lot of time! Save the date to keep up with notifications!

Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12
20:30 - 23:30 CET Event: A Noite de Yuri - Santiago de Compostela Venue: J de Joker
Rúa Nova de Abaixo 4
Santiago de Compostela 15705

What Three Words:
A Noite de Yuri, a festa que celebra a exploración espacial volve a Santiago! Celebramos a exploración espacial conmemorando a primeira saida ó espazo exterior dun ser humano, o cosmonauta soviético Yuri Gagarin. Seguiremos informando!

Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12, 19:00 to 23:00 UTC
Event: Yuri's Night Space Masquerade Ball
Venue: Russell Court Hotel
21-25 Harcourt Street, Dublin, Ireland
Website: https://www.inspirespace.com/yuris-night-2018
What Three Words: manliness.brands.branded
This year Yuri's Night in Dublin shall be a Space Masquerade Ball!
Come dressed up as your favourite space icon: Yoda, Sputnik, Spock, Elon Musk – there is no limit! Prizes for the best dressed!
Ticket price includes entry, one free drink and an evening of dancing! Over 18’s only.

Date/Time: Thursday, 2018-04-12, All Day
Event: Discover the hidden gems of space.
Venue: Room 1630,
Kralja Nikole 36, Podgorica, Montenegro
Website: http://www.montespace.com/
What Three Words: episodes.rips.slowly
This Yuri’s night event will be dedicated to children from the age 10 – 18. Event will have educational and interactive background with focus on introduction to space science and planetary systems.

Date/Time: Sunday, 2018-04-15, 08:00 - 21:00 CET
Event: Człowiek w kosmosie - kamienie milowe (Milestones of Human in Space)
Venue: High School No. XVII
Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr XVII we Wrocławiu Room Tęczowa 60, Wrocław, Lower Silesian 53-603 Dolny Śląsk, Poland
Website: http://www.montespace.com/
What Three Words: episodes.rips.slowly
We will create a set of activities for students of our School (and others interested in our project) that will be focused on milestones of Human in Space.
We would like to mention about Jurij Gagarin, first man in Space, Alexey Leonov – first man in spacewalk, Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin – first man on the Moon, first man in space station and other first ones.
Students will create presentations or posters about them and will talk about them on 12.04.2018 during Yuri’s Night evening at High School no XVII in Wrocław.

Date/Time: Mon, 2018-04-09 - Fri, 2018-04-13, All Day
Event: Belde Yuri Haftasi
Venue: ISTEK Belde Schools Observatory, Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
Kuzguncuk mah. Rasim Ağa sok. No:7/4, 34664 İstanbul
Website: http://www.astronomimuzesi.com/
What Three Words: thirsty.until.events
We will celebrate Yuri’s Night while having Space EXPO with scientific and education sessions. We are planning to invite the only Polish Astronaut and have LUNARES habitat replica with Mars rover challenge.

Date: Saturday, 201804-28 & Sunday, 2018-04-29
Yuri's Night Brighton 2018
Venue: The Prince Albert
48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton
UK - BN1 4ED

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/yurisnightbrighton/ What Three Words:: deaf.sleeps.storm
Join us for the 5th anniversary of Brighton’s most intergalactic night packed with space inspired music, visuals and fancy dress!
Full line-up will be announced on March 1st, 2018.
If you have any questions, please email us on yurisnightbrighton@gmail.com

Date: Wednesday, 2018-04-18, 19:00 - 22:30 BST Leicester, UK
Hertford Astronomy Group - The Future Is Out Of This World
  Venue Address: The View, Panshanger Golf Complex
Old Herns Lane, Welwyn Garden City
Hertfordshire UK - AL7 2ED
What Three Words: harder.remit.atom
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